Celebrations on the occasion of the opening of social facilities were held in the capital of Turkmenistan

On October 24, 2017, celebrations with the participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov continued in the Turkmen capital on the occasion of the opening of social facilities built within the 15th stage of the development of the country's main city. 18 high-rise buildings, a school, a kindergarten and shopping centers were solemnly put into operation.

The architectural ensemble of the 15th stage of development of Ashgabat includes twelve 12-storeyed 72-apartment and six 12-storey 48-apartment buildings of high comfort and improved planning, 11 shopping centers, as well as a comprehensive school for 600 people and a kindergarten for 160 children. The entire relevant engineering, communication and road transport infrastructure is envisaged; new roads with the necessary technical systems are laid.

In the new 72- and 48-apartment 12-storeyed houses all conditions for comfortable living were created. Within their walls are three and four-bedroom apartments with a full range of amenities, including spacious living rooms, cozy bedrooms, kitchens equipped with modern appliances, balconies and utility rooms. In each house there is also an underground parking for cars, all necessary life support systems are provided.

During the opening ceremony, the head of state visited one of the shopping centers, and also visited one of the apartments at the invitation of the new settlers. Entering the apartment, the head of state warmly congratulated the hosts with the house warming and wished them long and happy years of life in the new house. The newcomers expressed gratitude to the head of state for tireless care for people, for the opportunities given to the citizens of the country to purchase such comfortable housing where everything meets high standards of quality, and wished good health and new outstanding successes in all noble endeavors for the benefit of the Motherland. The President of Turkmenistan presented valuable gifts to the newcomers, and, saying goodbye to the owners of the apartment, wished them great family happiness.

Noting that ensuring prosperity and a steady rise in the people's living standards is a priority of Turkmenistan's state policy, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed that the purposeful work carried out in this direction will continue in the future. As the head of state emphasized, one of the important tasks of the long-term town-planning concept implemented in the capital is the formation of an optimally favorable urban environment that meets the objective needs and demands of the population with a view to the future.